RETRO BRAT is a 'Modern Retro' online boutique based in Brisbane, Australia. We specialize in funky pants and matching sets. Each piece is sustainably made, supporting slow fashion. Retro Brat has a hard time keeping their one-of-a-kind products in stock. Custom designs are available on request.


KYLIE has a BA in Journalism & Digital Communications. Her love for art, travel, fashion & retro fashion has inspired the Retro Brat vision. She handles all aspects of the company from designing & sewing garments to marketing, digital communications and website development.

NALIKA has a degree in fashion. She collaborates with Retro Brat on photoshoots, content creation, modeling and styling. She runs her own thrift company called 'Kiff Keeps' . Check them out on Instagram, they are always running cool competitions where you can win a pair of 'Retro Brats'.

LAUREN is a sales & social media guru with a degree in Psychology and Education. You can spot her at many market days, creating content for RB or rocking Retro Brats at events around town.

ACE office assistant, snack eater and lighting test model. 

Thank you for supporting slow fashion as we come together to produce these handmade quality items.